aevus: [latin] meaning 'the passage of time'
This project seeks to reveal the dynamic, complex, rich potential that plants possess within the landscape. This landscape proposal uses plants to heighten the awareness of and celebrate the tremendous change of the seasons. 
I used Callicarpa americana (beautyberry) in combination with Agave havardiana (Harvard agave) to create this whimsical landscape. The beautyberries give a strong seasonal identity to the landscape, contrasting with the mostly static datum of the agave.stiff concrete planters accentuate this static quality of the succulents and raises them to eye level. The beautyberries were also chosen because they can accept a hard pruning every few years, which increases the drama of the seasonal changes in this plant. These axonometric drawings created in Illustrator and Photoshop show two revisions of this proposal through the six moments in the year.
Diagramming Site Choreography

Changing density, opacity and biomass in the plants, creates corresponding changes in the experience of landscape, including the shape and size of outdoor rooms. The choreography diagram below captures seasonal change through a metric of visitor's attention. Elements of the landscape are graphed according to their perceived presence in the landscape, including the heightened sound of gravel in the winter, the striking bloom structure of the agave, and the magnificent moment when beautyberries lose their leaves to show vibrant fruit on otherwise bare branches.
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