For the sketches, I first made a series of twenty 30-second sketches using pencil, Sharpie and Pilot G2 pen. I noticed that most of what I was doing early on was outlining the shapes of trees, and this left my sketches feeling two-dimensional and elementary. 
For my second series of sketches, I used Copic Sketch W2, C2 and N6 markers with Micron pen. I also experimented with different hardness charcoals, pencils and Sharpie. For the later sketches, I attempted to disassemble the subject into its representative tonal shapes and then shade in these abstract forms. This technique gave me a much more photorealistic, yet abstract effect in the final sketches.
For the digital portion of this project, I created plan and section drawings in illustrator. In the plan, I used a drop shadow effect to create depth with the trees. I created my own fill pattern to represent the pond. And finally, I used the pen tool, width tool and smooth tool to make the benches.
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